11 ~ Boxes

What is the measurement of perfection, 

That decides my worth? 

In which social boxes do I have to fit, 

To be valued on this earth 

What value will I receive 

With the perfect body I created? 

And how can I keep that value, 

When I am eventually outdated? 

Which IQ level do I need to reach, 

to finally be recognised? 

And will the value of my unique talents, 

be therefore compromised 

How much money do I need to possess, 

Before I come to the conclusion 

That all this perfection, 

Is just an illusion 

Why does my value lie in perfection 

That is so hard to obtain 

And why doesn’t it bring me happiness, 

Instead of constant pain?  

Who am I,  

When I don’t fit in?  

And start looking for my value 

Underneath my skin?  

It is when I start to look,  

At what my eyes can’t see. 

That I hear the whisper of my heart, 

Which says my value lies within me 

When I no longer search for my value 

In boxes of captivity 

I can let go of all my fear,  

And live in total serenity.