32 ~ Resilience

When my girl lovingly said

She was proud of my boy

For putting away his tears

And showing again his joy

I intervened

And asked them why

Why is it good

For humans not to cry?

Crying is an outburst

For when extra energy inside

Needs to be released

Instead of being denied

Crying is essential

A natural form of therapy

Releasing what needs to be released

To let a soul be free

That’s why you never have to listen

When one wants you to stop

And always give yourself permission

For every single teardrop

This is your body

And it is always your choice

Whether you produce laughter

Or crying with your voice

There’s no strength

In always being strong

And there’s no love

In telling tears are wrong

True strength can be found

In the freedom of a tear

And true love can be found

In the acceptance without fear

There’s no reason to fear tears

If you remember that you know

That every difficult situation

Has an opportunity to grow

Because when you start to believe

In the lesson of the experience

Your consciousness starts to learn

About the strength of your resilience